So I was told there was going to be a major shift
Or change…perhaps in  my mind a migration
A full spirit shift, momentum gaining
Self-actualization?  Conscious evolution?
Listing gently toward revolution
But still vague on the interpretation
The style and flow of that I’m not even sure
That I should suspect
Words stumble over themselves
Clambering towards resolute uncertainty
While you may predict the next note
You may not see where the next smile lies
Or the next frown tells the eventual truth
Much to the intrigue of my wide-eyed confusion
A blissful state of awe
At every wince and glimmer


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I can’t possibly listen to music
When the frogs are singing
I’d feel guilty, even though…
I vowed to never have anything to be guilty about.
Oh, but that works out well.
No music in lieu of frogs…
No guilt.

But now all I can see are the memories
Of every minute flashing by
Undistracted by the melody
Unjilted by the tones and beats.

Layers of frogs
Folded over with patterns of breath
Over and breathe
Pulsing a monotone story
Cacophonous chords
Strung into symphonic drone

Feeling the energy
Of every memory
Leaving me lost and breathless
Under a chiseled moon
Longing and fear
Prickling my arms
Moths waltzing about bulbs
Over my withering heartseed.





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Rule #69 – Never trust a woman who doesn’t trust her man.

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“We’re sorry…”


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fiery rose

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A crow deeply bowing
Beak open
Calling the sun through the clouds
Swiftly swirling snow squall
Blinds the senses
As your memory raises the heat
Planting you amid warm juicy blossoms
Cicadas swelling a carefree heartbeat

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Sometimes I look down

And put on the Viking warrior’s hand

Already wrapped in silver and gold

Deftly pulling tired fingers

Through long blonde hair

Twisting and bending with ease

Frozen to half-dead limbs

Unprotected against the rough pull of day

Clawing into the dirt at night.


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Begging for a place among the mortals
It softly floats into and out of hearts
Silently passes through the minds of all
Often showing its face, but not enough
In a moment, runs fleet-footed in thoughts
The death of it shown in a wrongful death.

1991 [age 13-14]

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~A Sonnet~

Real beauty is said to be in the eyes
From looking at you, I see that is true.
Though of your eyes I know not where each spies;
Yours are more azure than the seas of blue.
Your life sparks attention of everyone,
Your mind holds intrigue of a world unknown.
To voice all wisdom can never be done,
You’ve the power to move on from where you’ve grown.
Righteous is your heart without prejudice,
Your actions loving and always heartfelt
You would think to give more but never less;
The strength you have to pursue will not melt.
I hear your name whispered as the wind blows;
Warm thoughts of you as frost fills the shadows.


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